6th May 2012


I've had no news to report until after recently taking some photos of my bike I noticed that the rear arm was quite rusty. I thought that I'd clean it up on my wire brush on the bench grinder. I disassembled the rear end of my HN125-8 & removed the arm. All was well & the rust was coming off a treat when I noticed a small depression. I got out my large screwdriver & gave it a bang, which in turm produced a hole. After a short go with the angle grinder I had found more than I'd bargained for.

Rusty Rear Swing Arm

Hole Showing After Rust Removal

After some time & some very unskilled welding, I had repaired the arm. I painted it with 'Red Hammerite Smooth' so that I can see if it needs any further attention. It seems that this part of the arm is particularly vulnerable due to its positioning, from road salt & other debris. The metal could also be a little thicker so that it may be a bit more resistant. Maybe a clip on plastic mud guard may help too.

Painted Red Swing Arm

Painted Red Swing Arm

While I'd immobilised the bike I also took off the front engine mount, which was also rather rusty & gave it a good clean on the wire brush & a paint too.






Updates will follow when I have them..............

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