Huoniao HN125-8 Review - 1 Year On.


I purchased my Huoniao HN125-8 back in October 2007 for £549.00 and now with some miles and time in hand I can tell you how it's been.

I bought it from Chinese Bike Imports ( LS Imports or cypruspounds ) , who made excellent service for the delivery of my bike. They also were very accommodating with initial problems that I had. Unfortunately this ceased some time before the warranty expired, sort of leaving me out on a limb.

1 Year On.

The bike itself has been outstanding. I have covered 7500KM ( 4600Mi ) and had little trouble. Now the side stand switch issue is permanently resolved and a premium spark plug is in use, I need to do nothing other than standard routine maintenance. This consists of an oil change every 3000KM ( 1800Mi ) and a weekly general check and lube. The tyres are an issue. They are ideal for dry running and summer use but in the cold and wet they can tend to make the bike a bit of a hand full through even the shallowest of bends. This should be a consideration if you're thinking of getting one. I think that the paint is sort of soft, as it has become damaged with the lightest knock, that being the toggle from my jacket, but I am sure that if I still have my Huoniao HN125-8 next summer I will repaint it. I have added a top box and also have a tank bag with map pocket making the carrying of luggage and longer journeys easier.

I have been to many different places with my bike, some of which are a long way from Lincoln. Matlock Bath, Thetford, Harlow, Malton and also east London, Walthamstow, Leyton, Chingford, Woodford, Barking & Barkingside . It has turned out to be a reliable old ( or new ) workhorse. It sits up on the A1 at 65MPH quite happily and if you push hard the speedo will creep past 75MPH. It is a little noisy at those speeds, mainly caused by induction roar. I have fitted a sock type air filter to the carb which more or less eliminates the flat spot ( stalling effect ) without carb adjustment, but it has made it a little noisy at speed.

Insurance renewal is £115. That is £43 less than the original premium from Rampdale ( well done chaps ) and at well over 100MPG it is a very cheap bike to run, particularly as fuel has been nearly £1.20 a litre recently. A good wash every week or two keeps it looking new and will show up any defects. I can only recommend it for these points I've made. It is truly remarkable that this bike is as good as it is for the money I paid.

My HN125-8 @ 1 year


 HN125-8 one year on




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