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A Multi-Gaming on-line community. Mainly playing Day of Defeat:Source (DOD:S) and Team Fortress 2 (TF2) along with some other games. Also home of the fun loving [O-W-M] Clan.

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Established back in November 2004, the community started with 'Day of Defeat' and 'Day of Defeat:Source', before expanding into other on-line games. We had a selection of Public Servers running (see below), we also have/had a good selection of members and admins who share the same fun loving passion for the same on-line games.

DOD:S 22 Player 100 Tick Public (Official & Custom Maps):
DOD:S 18 Player Fun mods (Zombie mod/Gungame etc.):
Team Fortress 2 : 24 Player Server (Public):

It was a sad day when the community finally expired at the begining of 2009. But the roots still live on at minus some of the original community founding members.

Life goes on and some things change while others don't.


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Long live Okinawa World ....


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