Welcome to my Mission 770 Freedom speaker page.

I've decided to make this page because I have scoured the net and been unable to find another reference to the model of speakers I have.

I have found many references to the earlier models.


Early Model Mission 770

Early Model Mission 770 Freedom


I purchased my speakers, new, back in late 1987. Yes that is a long time ago. I was fresh out of school in my first job. I considered myself an audio connoisseur at the time and after much research and listening, decided that these Mission 770f speakers would deliver the best sound stage. At a cost of £400 (about £1080 @ 2015 prices) I bought them from a small shop, which was opposite Laskys on Tottenham Court Road, in London, I cant remember what the shop was called now. But somewhere I do still have the receipt for the sale. When I bought them the Mission warehouse had been damaged by fire, this made the Walnut finish unavailable. The nice man in the shop loaned me the display pair (which were black ash finish) until Mission had made new Walnut ones that I could have. If I remember, this took about 6 weeks. You don't get service like that any more.

Anyway, some 28 years later I have some photos. As I mention, I haven't seen pictures like these anywhere else on the web. Here are some pictures of my Mission 770 Freedom speakers in Walnut finish. They still sound nice and smooth relative to modern speakers.


 Speaker Complete With Cover

Speaker Without Cover

Driver Alignment

Driver Alignment

Super Elliptic Impedance Transformed Tweeter

Reflex Port

Rear Panel With Connectors





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