Hello & a warm welcome to my website.


LincolnDoD has it's 10th birthday in November 2015 & in it's 10 years has accumulated in excess of 45,000 hits. A big thank you to all who have visited.


This is now the 4th incarnation. The first was made of linked pages of static HTML code & images. The second, version was a CMS on the popular Joomla v1.0 format which I enjoyed the ease of use. Unfortunately I managed to corrupt the underlying database during an update & from then onwards it refused to add images to the updates. Bringing me onto Joomla 1.5 which was very usable. Unfortunately the then current host [FVS] changed the hosting package, with the only option to move to the 'new' more expensive package or continue on the 1GB per month restriction, which I was continually near to. This would have doubled the hosting charge, so I changed host. This new host was ServersFree which, at the time fully met my needs. Unfortunately, the backup package from [FVS] was incompatible with ServersFree & required another rebuild. Again this was Joomla, but this time version 2.5 which served me just as well as the previous versions. Following much down time & connection refusals I have now moved to 'Hostinger'. Strangely Serversfree uses the resources supplied by Hostinger ! so we'll have to see how this goes. To another rebuild & onto Joomla 3x which also supports mobile devices, which is quite nice.


Still proving to be most popular is my Huoniao Blog made for my Huoniao HN125-8 motorbike. Please click the link or the button above to read.


Please feel free to use the 'contact' section of the website to send feedback on the new theme & other comments.

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The Self Preservation Society(Steam Community Link) DOD 1.3 community site has closed with all surviving members migrating to the new 7NA ( 7 Nation Army ) (Steam Community Link) . This is still a great and very active community with it's British weapons only on the game server which can be found at ip: .

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Grumpy B*stards community is still small but a great friendly bunch for multi gaming. Friday nights are the most popular with games played into the early hours.



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